Lilysole Story

Lilysole has been created through the desire to achieve what has been previously impossible. Pretty shoes that are comfortable.

With over 20 years as a practicing podiatrist, solving the impossible task of  making absolutely beautiful shoes that could be worn  comfortably on any surfaces all day became my mission. Not a day in practice passes by without someone telling me how desperate they are to find a pair of shoes that are “pretty and comfortable.”

By using 3D technology and testing many samples a universal arch height was created. The journey has taken many years as the shoes had to be perfect. Last and shoes makers with over 20 years experience applied this research to develop a new last shape that would incorporate the support in the shank of the shoe. The shank is the part which gives the shoe its strength. This way the shoes can still have a low profile yet give support. A very soft cushioning layer has been placed on top and only the best leathers have been used. A major achievement was being able to apply this to a sandal with or without a back in it. So now you can wear sandals that are not “chunky” and have support.

Our beautiful feet are very complex structures made up 0f 26 bones. They were not made to walk around on hard, concrete surfaces that exist in our daily movements. It is common to think flat shoes are the healthy answer to heels. Unfortunately ordinary flats with no support or cushion can compromise your posture. Lilysole has incorporated medial , lateral and forefoot arch into the shoe without being corrective.

Lilysole are shoes that love your feet and make you feel great and look pretty.