Shoe Care


As leather is a natural material it can be inconsistent in colour and texture. To keep leather looking its best it is important to condition, protect and polish regularly. Store carefully away from direct sunlight.

Leather is a very porous material and benefits greatly from applying a waterproofing product. Always apply to a dry, clean shoe.


Treating with a protective spray will help to prevent stains from water. Stains can be removed with a suede cleaning block obtained at the bootmaker.

Snake Skin

A very delicate product that can be effected by water. Avoid muddy wet areas.

If worn in these conditions the scales may lift or stain. To clean use a damp cloth and wipe in the direction of the scales. A specific snake skin conditioner is recommended.


This a very delicate leather. Be careful not to wear in wet weather or apply consistent pressure to one area such as driving.

This will rub that area of hair off. A protective spray will protect the pony. A nailbrush can be used to brush and clean the hair. Brush in the same direction gently.