What is in lilysole that is so comfortable?

Unlike ordinary flat sandals and shoes which have no support and flex in the wrong places, Lilysole have been designed to give support through the mid foot and allow flexion at the metatarsal area.

The strength of the shoe comes from the shank. If you can bend a shoe in half it is not giving you the support you need and will generally result in painful heels and aching arches. Lilysole has used 3D technology to design the perfect arch that has been integrated into the shank. By doing this we are able to keep the profile of the shoe lower which gives a daintier look.

The upper materials are all the finest leathers and skins that are supported by a firm, but not too hard heel counter. A 10mm cushion is covered by leather insole lining for a quality finish.

Lilysole heels and soles have a 1cm pitch, not too flat, which reduces strain on the Achilles tendon. The soles are all rubber to allow for a softer landing in gait and more cushioned effect. Leather can be very hard on the soles and slippery on some surfaces.

Not everyone needs to wear orthotics or orthotic shoes but everyone wants to be comfortable. Lilysole shoes provide arch support, cushion and happy feet that look gorgeous and are stylish.